The Five Health Secrets The Experts Know

Is there a formula to better health that we can use as a template to create less pain and suffering and more health and wellness?

Most people would admit that they could be doing more to help themselves to be at their best – often, people just don’t know what to do to increase their chances at good health and peak performance.

Experts agree that there are five areas that contribute to a better quality of life, and if you put all five to work for you, you can be one of those who seem to enjoy an insurance policy against disease and illness, and feel good the lion’s share of the time.

Eat Healthy

Our diets are usually too heavy in sugar and processed foods, and not rich enough in live natural foods like fruits and vegetables. We all have a slightly different bodies, but all of us need less poison in our blood and more nutrition. Learn to eat properly, and when necessary, supplement with natural substances that are harder to get in the foods we eat.

Whether you get them through foods or through supplements, there are five essentials you must find a way to include in your daily intake. You need vitamins and minerals for regular body function. You need fats or oils for healthy skin and good nerve system function. You need greens to keep the acid/alkaline balance in your body, to reduce inflammation, and you need a probiotic to keep your body eliminating toxins effectively.

Habits like these will reward you with better body chemistry and better health overall.

Manage your stress

Stress is unavoidable.  But you do have choices about how you allow it to affect you.  Easing your mind and body by not taking problems so seriously and by building yourself up with a positive outlook is a good start. The way you communicate to yourself plays a major role in your stress levels – be as objective as possible, not making things more painful in your mind than they have to be, and also not ignoring or overlooking circumstances that need attention. 

From there, you can use practices like yoga, meditation, exercise, or prayer to reset yourself and avoid the negative impact of stress. It’s an ongoing commitment, but one that pays off in developing a positive mental attitude.


Animals sleep up to 70% of their day – for humans, it’s often 25% or less. This is usually because we are over-programmed, or think we are, and sleep is one of the first corners we cut, not realizing the detrimental effect it can have. Establish a sleep rhythm where you go to bed and wake up at the same times each day, and then evaluate if you are getting enough sleep once you have done so. Some people even like to take a nap during the day – experiment to see what works for you.

If your bed is old, worn, or insufficient, replace it with a better bed – choose a mattress with the right firmness for your taste. Remember, you’re going to spend a significant amount of time in your bed – don’t skimp, invest in good quality and it will reward you in comfort and durability.

Move Your Body   

If you don’t use it, you may lose it, so plan to walk, swim, stretch, or do some other physical activity at least a few times each week. Besides eliminating stress, it gets your circulation going, strengthens your muscles, and it’s fun, too.

Each individual’s need for exercise varies, but most experts agree that at least three thirty-minute sessions weekly is a good start. Adapt your exercise schedule to your needs and your tolerance, pushing just hard enough but not too hard.

Maintain your body

Commit to doing good things for yourself and avoiding bad things. You only get one body – if you wear it out, where are you going to live?

Develop a team of health and wellness professionals who can advise you on these and other important lifestyle decisions. Pick doctors and health advisors who are consistent with your views and beliefs on health and wellness.

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