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Fredericktowne Rotary – Past President (2012)

ChiroMission – Board of Directors (2012 – Present)

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Maryland Chiropractic Association

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Dr. Deborah Morrone

Dr. Deborah Morrone (known as “Dr. Deb”) has been living and practicing in Frederick, MD since 2002.

I had always planned on a career in healthcare, but chose Chiropractic because of its “whole person” approach to improving health, instead of attempting to  manage symptoms with medication and surgery. I noticed this personally when I first saw a chiropractor for a shoulder injury when I was in college. One of the “side effects” of my treatment was a significant improvement in headaches and migraines I had experienced since childhood.

Everyone has unique factors that affect their health, and I enjoy learning as much as possible about those who seek my help to  maintain a healthy, active life. I enjoy taking care of people of all ages, and getting to know as much about your unique concerns and needs so we can work together to get and keep you  healthy.   I love working with people who take an active role in improving their health, and I firmly believe in a “team approach” to healthcare, collaborating with other members of your healthcare team to help you achieve your goals.

As a lifelong nerd, I enjoy reading and travelling to explore new ideas and places. My love of travel and adventure began in high school when I spent my junior year as a Rotary Exchange Student in Assens, Denmark. This also marked the beginning of a lifelong habit of “taking the road less travelled” and doing things that no one (especially very introverted self) thought I would ever do! This continued in college,  I got Scuba certified so I could travel to amazing dive sites all over the Caribbean and Central America. Today, I make a point of finding ways to combine my nerdy love of continuing education and volunteer work with travelling to interesting places.

One of these ways is my involvement with ChiroMission, Inc. Since my first trip in 2009, I have helped organize over a dozen trips bringing chiropractors and volunteers the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. In addition to providing free chiropractic care, we raised funds to support healthcare, education and housing for those in desperate need there. I was also very fortunate to travel to Kenya in 2014 on behalf of the Fredericktowne Rotary to facilitate and oversee a water well project our club co-sponsored in the village of Oltorotua.

I love studying current research and learning new healing techniques and protocols in order to provide the best advice and options to my patients. Many of my educational pursuits have been guided by my own “dramas and traumas” — many of the techniques I use with my patients have been chosen based on my own personal experience with illness and injury, and researching ways to get and keep myself healthy!  Some of my favorite topics include functional anatomy and neurology, nutrition, rehabilitation, and stress management. Basically, I enjoy studying anything that is attached to and controlled by your brain.


Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport,IA

Hiram College, B.A. in Biology