Chiropractic Care for Arthritis


Are you among the 20 million people that suffer from arthritis?

There are many causes for arthritis, so it’s imperative to work with a doctor that will take the time to understand what causes your arthritis so that they can offer the best treatment option for you.

What is arthritis?

‘Arthritis’ means inflammation of joints.  Most people complain of this in the major load and stress-bearing joints of the body  – knees, hips, toes, fingers, spine, shoulders – and attribute it to “getting old.”

Possible causes and treatment options

In reality, there are many reasons why joint inflammation occurs, and it is important to understand these when choosing your treatment options.

The usual medical approach to any “-itis” is anti-inflammatory medication.  Unfortunately, these cause even more serious problems like gastrointestinal bleeding and cardiovascular, kidney, and liver damage.  Steroids are another common recommendation. They make you feel better by basically shutting down your immune system. They also actually cause soft tissue and joint degeneration with repetitive use.

We will work with you to find safe and effective ways to get you moving better and feeling better!

We offer drug-free, non-surgical treatment for arthritis at our office with:

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The Best!

Dr. Deb really knows her stuff and she not only does chiropractic work but she address the issues with muscles so that the problem gets fixed instead of continuous reoccurrence. I was very sceptical at first and even had the name of another chiropractor lined up but she has my complete trust now and I wouldn’t see anyone else!
Dance Studio Owner