Chiropractic Care for Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and Migraines

Do you suffer from headaches every day or even multiple times a week? If so, you’re among many other Americans that do. With all of the stress put on our minds and our bodies, there’s no question why headaches and migraines are so prevalent. 

At Frederick Chiropractic Wellness Center, we help patients manage their pain from headaches, whether the pain is intermittent or chronic. As your source for all-natural, gentle chiropractic care, we use spinal adjustment, stretches, and exercises, lifestyle advice and nutrition counseling to prevent headaches and improve your quality of life. 

Symptoms of headaches and migraines

A muscle ache in the neck and injuries in the back can cause headaches and migraines. People with headaches may also experience muscle pain, stiffness, limited range of motion and limited mobility. People who experience migraines may suffer from sensitivity to light, nausea or vomiting, distorted vision, and scalp tenderness. People who experience migraines may also see things in their vision, like large shapeless blobs, either before, after or during their migraines. 

Causes of headaches and migraines

There are many causes of headaches and migraines. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Stress. Stress causes headaches by causing the muscles of the neck and back to tighten. In addition to headaches, stress causes muscle aches, joint aches and more.  
  • Whiplash. Whiplash is a condition that occurs because of car accidents and personal injuries. Patients suffering from whiplash have injuries of the muscles and ligaments of their neck, causing muscle pain, headaches, blurry vision and other issues. 
  • Sports injury. Sports injuries can lead to head and neck injuries, concussions and other forms of damage to the body that can cause headaches.   
  • Personal injury. Personal injuries like slips and falls can result in concussions and neck problems, both of which can cause headaches.  
  • Poor ergonomic conditions at work. Looking down at a computer screen can cause the neck muscles in the spine to become tight, resulting in headaches.

Treatment for headaches and migraines

Chiropractic care treats headaches and migraines at the source. Dr. Morrone will do a thorough evaluation to understand your unique history and help determine the causes of your headaches.  Patients who experience headaches and migraines because of injuries often require healing before the headaches or migraines will stop. For patients who experience headaches and migraines because of stress or environmental factors, chiropractic care can help patients make lifestyle choices that can reduce the cases of headaches and migraines. At Frederick Chiropractic Wellness Center, we treat headaches and migraines with the following techniques:

  • Spinal adjustment. During spinal adjustment, restore natural mobility and improve muscle tension in the spine. This helps improve the functioning of the central nervous system and can also improve the body’s ability to heal itself. 
  • Stretches and exercises. We teach patients therapeutic stretches and exercises that can help improve range of motion, reduce tension in the shoulder, neck, and spine, improve breating, and and improve patient overall health.
  • Lifestyle advice. We offer lifestyle advice to help you manage and avoid headache triggers
  • Nutrition counseling. Our nutrition counseling can help patients who experience headaches from poor diets and or nutrition deficiencies

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