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Chiropractic Care for Chronic Pain

Injuries, and the pain that often goes with them, can cause serious disruption to our lives. While the pain itself is a problem, it’s the activities that chronic pain prevents us from doing or enjoying that lead us to seek help.  

We can tolerate acute pain for a while in the hope that it will go away soon, within a week or two at the most. Chronic pain is another matter. Sometimes, extraordinary resources need to be called upon to maintain a healthy attitude in the face of ongoing pain. People experiencing this type of pain may find it difficult to imagine really living the life they want to live. Pain seems to influence everything they think or do. 

But there are many tools and techniques for diminishing the impact of chronic pain. The practice of yoga1,2 has consistently been shown to provide benefits, as has developing the habit of doing regular exercise3, such as walking or swimming. 

Engaging in enriching activities such as learning a new language, studying a musical instrument, and learning a new skill or creative activity can shift one’s focus away from pain and toward personal growth and development.  

People with chronic pain can often benefit from chiropractic care as well. Chiropractic adjustments can decrease joint, muscle, and nerve pain and help to improve joint mobility. As pain diminishes, muscles relax, circulation improves, and inflammation and stress levels start to decrease. This often helps people to start returning to activities that can help them heal, and improve overall health and quality of life.   

Chronic pain is often difficult and frustrating to say the least, so it’s essential to find a team of healthcare professionals who understand it and can help. Please reach out to us and so we can help you on your journey back to health! 

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