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Tips for Staying Healthy and Injury Free

The benefits of sports and physical activity are many: increased mobility and strength, stress management, improved immune function, the list goes on. Yet, aches, pains, and injuries are a risk. How can you minimize your down-time and risk of injury, so that you can participate in all of the fun activities you and your family enjoy? Here are some facts and tips to keep you staying healthy and injury free:

Avoid temperature-caused injuries

Dressing appropriately is essential.  As the weather gets colder, wear layers that can be shed as necessary as your body temperature increases.  Your body can overheat in cold weather, and you’re still sweating too, so remember to stay hydrated.  

Wear proper equipment 

Appropriate footwear that provides the necessary protection for your chosen activity can be important.  In contact sports, be sure that protective equipment is worn at all times; and be sure it fits properly, especially with growing children. Even if your league doesn’t require mouth guards or eye protection, forget about what’s ‘cool’ and put on the goggles or whatever equipment that might save you pain and suffering later. 

Use and learn the correct technique and form 

There is a lot of conflicting info out there about “the right way” to do things.  The truth is, everybody is different; we all have different anatomy, history of injuries, and fitness levels.  What works for one person may not be appropriate for everyone.

It’s critical to find knowledgeable professionals who can teach you the basics, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and teach you to work with and understand your body, so you can safely progress to build necessary mobility and strength.  

Trust the health care professionals and experts in human performance 

If you’re having trouble doing the activities you love, help is available!  We can help evaluate where the “weak links” are to help you recover from injuries, and reduce your risk of future problems. We can help you figure out proper activity modifications while you’re healing, as well as guide you through proper rehabilitation.  We can also refer you to other experts to help you achieve your goals.  

To learn more about staying healthy while playing sports, or to get help in recovering from an injury, click below, or call us anytime at (301) 695-0032.

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