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Holistic Chronic Pain Treatment in Frederick Maryland

Frederick Chiropractic Wellness Center offers relief from joint pain, back pain, neck pain and various other forms of discomfort that affect your quality of life.  

Chronic pain often involves many factors, so we take a holistic approach to your health care – meaning we take into account your unique history and health goals to provide treatments that address all of your concerns using a drug-free approach.   

Treatments We Provide

One of the most common treatments our Frederick chiropractic clinic provides are chiropractic adjustments.  An adjustment consists of improving the movement of the spinal vertebra and other joints in the body to improve mobility, strength and neuromuscular function.   Dr. Morrone uses a variety of low force techniques that are suitable for even the most sensitive patients. We use Neurokinetic Therapy and Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR), to analyze the neurology and function of your body to determine specific corrections and home care.

We also offer nutritional counseling, which can be used to promote healing and improve your overall health.    All of our treatments are drug-free and geared toward improving your health and well being. 

Whole-Body Treatments

Holistic treatments take a full-body approach to healing. This means the treatments target multiple areas of the body simultaneously in order to address various dimensions of the body. 

Our treatments take into consideration healing requires a noninvasive approach that actually targets the problem on different levels to promote an effective recovery overall.  

Benefits of Holistic Treatments

Holistic treatments don’t cause the harmful side effects traditional medical treatments cause. We do a detailed history and evaluation to determine the best treatment options for your goals.  Treatments are usually well tolerated since we use approaches that work with your body, instead of using dangerous medications to mask symptoms. Additionally, they’re not addictive like some pain medications are.  W

We encourage you to stay as active as possible while under care.  Our goal is to help you enjoy the things you want do! Our treatments address both acute and chronic pain. We don’t just mask the problem either; our expert gets to the root of your neck or back pain or other joint pain.  

Schedule an appointment with a Frederick Chiropractic Wellness Center to discover the many benefits holistic treatments have. Contact us for a drug-free approach to pain relief by calling at 301-695-0032. 

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