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Stress Management in Frederick, MD

Many people take on more than they can physically, emotionally and mentally handle. The human anatomy can only endure so much. What happens when a person is pushed beyond reason, and their bodies begin to retaliate? Stress.

Stress is a way of letting your body know that it is under attack due to anxiety or tension. Negative tension, worrying, and everyday problems are a part of life, and in some cases, unavoidable. However, the best way to deal with stress is to learn some stress management skills. But before you can deal with your stress, you need to recognize which type of stress you are dealing with.

Personal Stress

Personal Stress is perhaps the most common type of stress people deal with on a regular basis. Some stress is good stress, but the majority of stress is negative energy. Life events are challenging, time-consuming and often times frustrating. However, good stress may include:

  • sending your child to school for the first time
  • Watching your favorite team fall behind in the Super Bowl, etc.

Bad Stress

  • Family problems- Getting a divorce, caregiver for a sick child or family member, unpaid debt/medical bills, childcare issues, no transportation, etc.
  • Workplace stress- Tension between peers or boss, overworked, underpaid, changes in work hours, etc.
  • Anxiety- worrying, nervousness, restlessness, concern about health problems, etc.

Nevertheless, now that you know what stress is and what causes it, let’s take a look at the many symptoms you may experience:

  • Insomnia- Difficult time falling asleep at night
  • Fatigue- Always feeling tired
  • Frequent trips to the bathroom- Constant urination throughout the night
  • Aching muscles- Hurts all over for no apparent reason
  • Headaches- Usually caused by tension
  • Palpitations-Heart racing or beating fast
  • Impotence- Unable to perform sexually

It isn’t always easy to recognize stress, but when you do, you need to make plans to reduce or eliminate it as quickly as possible. At Frederick Chiropractic Wellness Center, we cater to patient dealing with day to day stress. Our goal is to make your body as healthy as possible. 

To get started on relieving your stress today, give us office a call at (301) 695-0032 or visit our office at 5301 Buckeystown Pike #210.

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