Gentle Chiropractic Care from Our Frederick Chiropractor: Not All Maryland Chiropractors Are the Same

Although chiropractic modalities are basically static from clinic to clinic, our Frederick chiropractor provides something other chiropractors in the area don’t. 

We give our patients the care they need in an environment where the patient comes first. Our Frederick chiropractic clinic gives patients the experience they deserve, one with a compassionate staff who genuinely cares about what they do and how our patients feel before, during and after our procedures. 

Chiropractic Care is Noninvasive

We offer you a gentle chiropractic adjustment. The process consists of our chiropractor alleviating your neck pain and back pain as well as your occasional backache by realigning the vertebrae and spinal discs. This takes pressure off the discs, muscles, ligaments, and nerves. Additionally, the adjustment will enhance blood flow throughout the body in order to promote healing. Our chiropractor conducts the process in a gentle fashion that won’t hurt you, yet is still effective.

Our chiropractor performs NeuroKinetic Therapy, which is a treatment that begins with the chiropractor assessing the patient’s coordination and movement and addressing any concerns. The process is done manually, but our chiropractor ensures the process isn’t painful.

Our chiropractor conducts all other therapies without ever causing you pain. You start experiencing benefits soon after the treatment, and none of our therapies require any downtime.  

Understanding of the Treatments

At our Frederick chiropractic office, Dr. Deborah Morrone conducts all treatments using her education, experience and thorough understanding of chiropractic care. Every time she performs a treatment, she considers what she learned from the Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, IA and the other specialized training she’s undergone. She always takes the time to execute each treatment properly. 

Difference Our Chiropractor Makes

If you’re experiencing any type of muscle or nerve pain, you may be able to benefit from our gentle chiropractic adjustment. Far too often, when a chiropractor conducts a manipulation, it’s done quickly and a bit rough, but that isn’t how it has to be. We perform gentle alignments that realign the discs in the back. We always take into consideration your comfort with each treatment we provide. Additionally, we work with you during every step of the process, so you feel confident in our services. 

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