3 Types of Stress that Affect your Health

3 Types of Stress that Affect your Health

Throughout your life, you are subjected to all kinds of stresses.  We generally sort these into three main categories:

Physical Stress

Structural or mechanical stresses and trauma, like injuries, car accidents, slips and falls, and other types of physical insults.  Physical stresses include overuse injuries from too much activity, but can also include strain and weakness due to not enough physical activity.  

Chemical Stress

These include toxins in the air and water, household chemicals, and even medications (that’s what the “side effects” are!)   Food can be a chemical stress as well — additives like preservatives and colorings, excessive sugar or inflammatory fats can cause stress to your digestive system and liver.  Such habits reduce the raw materials needed for your body to function and heal.   They also cause chronic inflammation and strain on your immune system, leading to chronic problems like allergies and frequent illnesses.  

Psychological Stress

Finally, we can be stressed for psychological reasons, where we interpret our daily experiences to be harsh, harmful, difficult or painful.  This brings about physical changes that can cause both acute and chronic illnesses.  While “psycho-somatic” illnesses were once dismissed or relegated to those with serious psychological issues, we now know that even small interruptions in healthy thinking can produce health problems. 

These three sources of stress, trauma, toxins and thoughts, are responsible for many of the maladies we suffer and the disease process that comes about as a result. That is why it’s important to work with health care professionals who recognize these issues and can help you find the best resources for improving them, as opposed to piling on medications that mask the issues and allow them to fester.  

You can be healthy, and you can move yourself toward wellness –get regular spine and nervous system check-ups and adjustments when necessary, refine your diet and avoid or eliminate toxicity in your surrounding environment, and strike a sensible balance between family, work, leisure and other personal issues so you can maintain a healthy mind and body for life! 

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