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P-DTR (Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex)

P-DTR® is a unique and specialized approach to functional neurology and anatomy that involves testing and correcting specific nerve receptors - "proprioceptors" and "nociceptors" - of your body and the way they affect and modify your movement, function, and responses to stress.


Nerves transmit information about movement, stretch, pressure, heat, cold, vibration, etc.,  to your brain. Your brain then uses this information to make decisions about how to function and move.

These sensory input nerves can become dysfunctional and create bad feedback loops due to illness, injury, or bad habits.  This can result in chronic or recurring pain, dysfunction, and injuries (think “garbage in, garbage out!”).   

P-DTR® uses specific neurologic stimulation and testing to identify dysfunctional nerve input and output, combined with stimulation of tendon reflexes to “reset” these faulty circuits, leading to improved function and decreased pain!

Some of the benefits of P-DTR include:

Finds and Corrects the problem, not just the symptoms
Accelerates recovery from acute injuries
Eliminates lingering dysfunction and pain from chronic injuries
Eliminates the debilitating effects of repetitive stress
Optimizes athletic performance
Restores muscle function and coordination quickly
Increases range of motion, strength and stamina
Achieves quick, long-lasting results
Maximizes stability and balance throughout the entire body
Improves your brain and body's ability to adapt to stress
Resolves problems you thought you’d “just have to live with”

Dr. Morrone is one of only two practitioners in the state of Maryland trained and certified in this technique.

For more information about P-DTR please go to www.drpalomar.com

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I found Dr. Morrone to be very pleasant and I find her approach refreshing. Other chiropractors I have visited basically give you an adjustment without discussing the neurological connections. Looking forward to working with her and also to see how she may be able to help my daughter.

Kim C
Frederick, MD
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